Pasquinelli Produce Company


Sustainable farming is at the heart of what every farmer believes in. At Pasquinelli Produce Company, being a proper steward of the environment has been at the core of what we have done long before “sustainability” became a popular word. Through proper management and vigilant watch, we have been able to farm much of the same ground in the Yuma Valley for over 50 years.

Our family values stem from deep roots in farming and the belief that it is our responsibility to be great stewards of the gifts we have been given. It is our continued hope that future generations can continue farming the land. We know that we can accomplish this task only if we focus on leaving the land better cared for than we found it. Through the continued implementation of enhanced sustainable technology and science, such as promoting soil health, minimizing water use and lowering pollution levels on the farm, we are able to achieve our sustainability goals.